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AGM 28/2/2016

A very successful AGM was held last Sunday with 34 persons signing the Declaration of Attendance. Fr Philip announced that he had appointed Mrs. Jennie Winton as his Warden; Eddie Reddy and Ruth Champion were re-elected as People’s Wardens. Fabian LoSchiavo declined to continue as Warden due to family commitments this year; however Fr Philip has asked him to be on PC as one of his representatives. The elected Parish Council Members are listed on the last page of the pew sheet. We welcome Amrit MacIntyre and Tony Purcell as new members and say thank you to Diana Jefferies and Les Carrington for their significant contribution last year. Fr Philip has yet to appoint one more parish councilor.  The minutes of the AGM are below.

Parish of Enmore/Stanmore Annual General Meeting – 2016

The Annual General Meeting of the Parish of Enmore/Stanmore was held on Sunday 28 February 2016 in the parish hall commencing at 11.15 a.m.

  1. The meeting was opened with prayer by the Rector, the Reverend Philip Bradford.
  2. Declarations of those persons present were received.
  3. A quorum of at least 7 was determined; 34persons were present and signed the declaration (attached).
  4. A Minute Secretary to be appointed;  Moya Holle accepted.
  5. Apologies were received from: John Merchant, Evelyn Maack, Mary Sotiriadis, Kevin Green, Fabian LoSchiavo, Pauline, Newell, Rosemary Bradford, Stuart Veitch and Jo Burton.  Moved apologies be accepted Stuart Grigg; seconded Katherine Oldfield.]
  6. It was moved that the Minutes of this Annual General Meeting be read at the first Parish Council Meeting following this Meeting.  Moved by Katherine Oldfield; seconded by Diana Jefferies.  Carried.
  7. Reception of Reports.  The following printed reports, having been circulated, were tabled and taken as read; moved by Diana Jefferies and seconded by Stuart Grigg. Carried.
a.  The Rector’s Report

b.  The Wardens’ Report – Ruth Champion spoke to the tabled Report and in addition reported that  (i) The computer-based program, Jethro, that contains the parish membership list, is becoming out of date.  Membership cards have been printed and all parishioners are requested to fill these in and hand them to the Rector or Wardens; (ii) the parish website has been updated with the assistance of John Haly and will be on-line in a few weeks.  A computer literate parishioner is sought to be a hands-on webmaster.  The Report was received with acclamation.

c.  The Treasurer’s Report/Auditor’s Report – James Barnes, Treasurer, spoke to the Report, answering questions.  He said the Accounts had been Audited, by the auditor; he said that the Reporting Year was better than previously.  During the year the Diocese had written to the Parish stating that the parish income (not including investments) was not covering the stipend of a Rector and additional costs associated.  Subsequently this was found to be incorrect information.  However the congregation rallied and there was seen to be an increase in giving.  A Finance Committee has been set up from the Parish Council consisting of James Barnes, Jennie Winton, Peter Seymour and Ruth Champion.  It has drawn up a Budget for the incoming year.  Stuart Grigg had been asked for advice regarding rules covering the parish investments and they were deemed satisfactory.  The Treasurer would be providing a monthly report on the finances, which would be printed in the Parish Weekly Bulletin.

Jennie Winton asked for clarification with regard to Donations to Missions, some of which come from Op Shop profits.  The answer was that those from the Op Shop go to both ABM and Anglicare.  It was requested by Moya Holle that money be forwarded to ABM and Anglicare with all possible speed because the money is always needed urgently.

James moved a vote of thanks to Christine Thurley for her work in the parish office.

Vote of thanks to the Treasurer was carried with acclamation.

d. Op Shop Report  –  Peter Seymour spoke to the report as tabled.  The running of the shop depends entirely on volunteers.  All volunteers were thanked for their time and contribution to the running of the Shop.  Thanks to Peter for his clear graphs indicating sales and the Monthly Takings over the past five years.  Thanks to the Op Shop Committee.

e. Children’s Ministry Report – no further discussion.

f. Hall Report – Stuart Veitch was not in attendance.

The Reports were received.  Moved Diana Jefferies; seconded Katherine Oldfield.

The Rector announced that he had appointed Jennie Winton as his Rector’s Warden. Fabian LoSchiavo, who had been Rector’s Warden, had indicated, that for family reasons, he was unable to accept nomination this year.

8. Nominations for Church Wardens had been received.  They were Ruth Champion – nominated by,  Fabian LoSchiavo and seconded James Barnes;  and EddieReddy – nominated by Fabian LoSchiavo and seconded James Barnes.  They were declared elected.

9. Auditor of Parish Accounts – Melinda Seed was reappointment as auditor of the parish accounts for 2016.

10. It was determined that a Parish Council be elected.  Moved Eddy Reddy, seconded Andy Serafin.  Carried.

  1. a) It was determined that the Parish Council comprise 6 elected members. Moved Ruth Champion, seconded Stuart Grigg.  Carried
  2. b) Nominations to Parish Council were received for the following persons:

Amrit McIntyre, Peter Seymour, Andy Serafin, James Barnes, Jennifer Bestel, Tony Purcell.

They were declared elected.

The Rector will appoint two people to the Parish Council; Fabian LoSchiavo and one other.

11. It was determined that the Parish Council fill any vacancy of elected members.  Moved by Stuart Grigg, seconded by Andy Serafin.

 Other Business – Recommendations to Parish Council –

  1. Parish Survey/Forum 2015 –  Peter Seymour raised the matter of the need for people to volunteer to be responsible to take on some of the jobs identified in the Parish Forum.  He has itemised them and will make them available to people.
  2. Parish Event – Mandy Tibbey suggested that the parish organise a Swing.Jazz Dance Evening.
  3. Air-conditioning installed in the Church – Joyce Reddy
  4. Parish consider making a statement emphasising the ‘inclusivity’ of our parish, particularly in regard to the projected plebiscite on ‘gay marriage’.  Urged parishioners to write to politicians. Susan Hill, supported by Diana Jefferies and Noel Jeffs.

The meeting closed with the saying of the Grace at 12.15 p.m.