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Epiphany in the Mountains 2016

Once again Lea MacNeal and Don Thomas provided a beautiful sunny day in Leura for the 25 or so who travelled to enjoy this annual event; a Eucharistic Celebration of the Feast of the Epiphany and a wonderful BBQ lunch.  Some came  by car, some by train and others walked – not so far for the invited nearby neighbours!  We came bearing gifts – not of gold, frankincense and myrrh but eskies of meats, salads and drinks!  We didn’t need to call on Fr Philip to perform a miracle to feed the hungry nor to quench the thirst of the guests.

Lea and Don have worked hard over the past year to build a terraced lawn in their backyard, which falls steeply away from the rear of the house.  They have an especially keen interest in growing fruit producing trees and berries as Lea loves to make all varieties of jams, pickles, chutneys and curds.   There have pots of herbs and all kinds of plants and shrubs in their garden that adapt easily to the mountain climate.  Tables and chairs were provided on 3 levels in the backyard and everyone fitted in snuggly but nevertheless comfortably in the space provided.  We had an organist but no organ, however an unaccompanied verse of “We Three Kings” wafted across the backyards of neighbours and down the valley.  There was no shortage of food nor drink; we fed sumptuously for some hours before we had to depart (some of us earlier than others) to sadly return to the city.  A good day was had by all and we express our grateful thanks to our hosts Lea and Don!  Photos of this event have been posted and can be found on this website.   Time passes quickly in the presence of good company, so it won’t be long before we do it all again in 2017!