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 Luke, Evangelist and Martyr – Sunday 15 October 2017

Welcome to our worship this morning!
At St Luke’s we seek to share God’s unconditional love and acceptance of all people, regardless of age, gender, race, marital or family status, sexual orientation, disability or wealth.

Celebrant:                               Fr Philip Bradford

Preacher:                                 Fr Dave Smith

Welcomers Today:                  Evelyn Maack & Stephen Gates
Next week:                              Brett Davies & Amrit MacIntyre

Readers Today:                       Jennifer Bestel & Edwin Reddy
Readers next week:                 Tony Purcell & Ann Petersen
Intercessor:                             Peter Seymour

Next week:                              Rosemary Bradford

Hospitality:                             Brett Davis & Amrit MacIntyre

Next Week:                             Katherine Oldfield & Sally Woellner

Cleaners Saturday 21st:           A Petersen, P Gilbert, A Narnolo

Gluten free hosts are available.  Please see our Sacristan, Andy Serafin, before the service if you need to receive a gluten free host.

Hearing Loop is fitted in the Church – please turn your hearing aid to T-setting


‘Only Luke is with me’ – haunting words of today’s Epistle – Paul the prisoner senses that his death is not far off. Luke, the Physician, was not only a great Evangelist, but also a faithful friend who was present in Paul’s time of need.

  • Pray that we do not miss opportunities to be ‘present’ for others, especially in their time of need.
  • Give thanks for the work and witness of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglican Council

Text:           Fr Atsushi Shibaoka
© Anglican Board of Mission, 2017


Kindly turn off your mobile phone or put it on silent before the

service commences.

Introit Hymn
: TIS 432; Christ is made the sure foundation


The Sentence: The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few; ask therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest. Luke                                                                                               10:2


The Collect (we pray together)

Almighty God,
who inspired your servant Luke the physician
to set forth in his gospel
the love and healing power of your Son:
graciously continue in your Church
this love and power to heal,
to the praise and glory of your name;
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
who lives and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God,
now and forever. Amen.

First Reading                                                  Jeremiah 8.22-9.3

A reading from the book of the prophet Jeremiah

Is there no balm in Gilead?  Is there no physician there? Why then has the health of my poor people not been restored?  O that my head were a spring of water, and my eyes a fountain of tears, so that I might weep day and night for the slain of my poor people!  O that I had in the desert a traveller’s lodging-place, that I might leave my people and go away from them! For they are all adulterers, a band of traitors.  They bend their tongues like bows; they have grown strong in the land for falsehood, and not for truth; for they proceed from evil to evil,  and they do not know me, says the Lord .

For the word of the Lord                                 Thanks be to God





10 All creation | praises you, O | Lord:
and your faithful | servants | bless your | name.


11 They speak of the | glory of your | kingdom:
and | tell of your | great | might,


12 That the whole earth may know your | mighty | acts:
and the glorious | splendour | of your | kingdom.


13 Your kingdom is an ever -| lasting | kingdom:
and your dominion en -| dures through | all gener -| ations.


14 The Lord upholds all | those who | stumble:
and raises up | those that are | bowed | down.


14 The Lord upholds all | those who | stumble:
and raises up | those that are | bowed | down.


15 The eyes of all look to | you in | hope:
and you give them their | food in | due | season;


16 You open | wide your | hand:
and fill all things | living with your | bounteous | gift.


17 The Lord is just in | all his | ways:
and | faithful in | all his | dealings.


18 The Lord is near to all who | call u -| pon him:
to all who | call up-| on him in | truth.

Glo-| ry to | God; Father | Son and | Holy | Spirit;
As in the be-| ginning so | now; and for-| ever. |  A-| men


Second Reading                                              2 Timothy 4.9-17a

A reading from Paul’s second letter to Timothy

Do your best to come to me soon, for Demas, in love with this present world, has deserted me and gone to Thessalonica; Crescens has gone to Galatia, Titus to Dalmatia. Only Luke is with me. Get Mark and bring him with you, for he is useful in my ministry. I have sent Tychicus to Ephesus. When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, also the books, and above all the parchments.  Alexander the coppersmith did me great harm; the Lord will pay him back for his deeds.  You so must beware of him, for he strongly opposed our message.  At my first defence no one came to my support, but all deserted me. May it not be counted against them!  But the Lord stood by me and gave me strength, so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it. So I was rescued from the lion’s mouth.

For the word of the Lord                                 Thanks be to God

Gospel Procession


Gospel Acclamation


Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!

I have chosen you from the | world, says the | Lord
to go and bear |fruit | that will | last.

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!


The Gospel                                                                       Luke 10.1-9

The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Luke

X Glory to you, Lord Jesus Christ

After this the Lord appointed seventy others and sent them on ahead of him in pairs to every town and place where he himself intended to go. He said to them, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few; therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest.  Go on your way. See, I am sending you out like lambs into the midst of wolves.  Carry no purse, no bag, no sandals; and greet no one on the road. Whatever house you enter, first say, “Peace to this house!”  And if anyone is there who shares in peace, your peace will rest on that person; but if not, it will return to you.  Remain in the same house, eating and drinking whatever they provide, for the labourer deserves to be paid. Do not move about from house to house.  Whenever you enter a town and its people welcome you, eat what is set before you; cure the sick who are there, and say to them, “The kingdom of God has come near to you.”

For the Gospel of the Lord      Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ


The Sermon


Hymn after the Sermon  TIS – 411; Filled with the spirit’s power


Prayer for our Parish

God of Love,
God of Mission,
you alone bring growth to your Church,
send to us your Holy Spirit to give
vision for our planning,
wisdom in our actions,
and power to our witness.
Help our church to grow in numbers
in spiritual commitment to you,
and in service to our local community.   Amen


Offertory Hymn – TIS 455 For all the saints


Hymn during Communion


Final Hymn: Mission Praise 428; Lord for the years


Lord, for the years your love has kept and guided,
urged and inspired us, cheered us on our way,
sought us and saved us, pardoned and provided:
Lord of the years, we bring our thanks today.

Lord, for that word, the word of life which fires us,
speaks to our hearts and sets our souls ablaze,
teaches and trains, rebukes us and inspires us:
Lord of the word, receive Your people’s praise.

Lord, for our land in this our generation,
spirits oppressed by pleasure, wealth and care:
for young and old, for commonwealth and nation,
Lord of our land, be pleased to hear our prayer.

Lord, for our world when we disown and doubt him,
loveless in strength, and comfortless in pain,
hungry and helpless, lost indeed without him:
Lord of the world, we pray that Christ may reign.

Lord for ourselves; in living power remake us –
self on the cross and Christ upon the throne,
past put behind us, for the future take us:
Lord of our lives, to live for Christ alone.






Today 15 OctoberSt Luke’s Day – We thank Fr Dave for being our Guest Preacher from the Parish of Dulwich Hill.  Morning tea to follow in the hall and lunch at the Warren View.

Sunday 15 October 3 p.m. at Christ Church St Laurence Railway Square – Luther 500 – a concert commemorating 500th Anniversary of the Reformation; purchase tickets from $50/$40.

Tuesday 17 October 7.30-9.30 p.m. Women’s Night of Spirituality at St Mary’s North Sydney – an inspiration told in story and song.  See Janet Walmsley for more details; admission is free and a light supper is included.

Saturday 21 October – Equal Voices First Annual Symposium – 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. at the University of Technology Broadway.  See their website online for registration.

Friday 27 October St Paul’s Burwood Bus Trip to Berowra Waters.  See notice board for application and details.

Saturday 28 October Boyz night Out Alberto’s Pizzeria King Street Newtown 6;00 pm for 6;30 pm. RSVP to John by 26 October, 0400955772 or

Sunday 29 October Parish Council Parish Council will next meet on 29 October and not as previously advised (22 October)

ABM Cooks are making lemon butter, tomato relish etc, biscuits and cakes.  Collect an order form from the table near the bookshop or see Moya for details.

Saturday 25 NovemberOur Annual Christmas Fair!  If you need pots for plants or seedlings, or jars for jams, chutneys etc, they are all in the Emmaus Room.  A very long banner has been ordered for across our front Rectory fence and a roster for stall helpers will soon appear. Flyers will be available shortly.

Christmas Giant Hamper

Donations for the Giant Hamper Raffle for the Christmas Fair would be appreciated.  A box will be placed in the foyer for your donations.  Thank you for your generosity.

Toys and Tucker – a box for your annual donations to this worthy appeal is now placed in the foyer.  Gifts for teenagers 13+ are always in short supply.

Furniture to Give-Away:

Ikea 3 draw office cabinet on casters 420mmx400mmx570mm;

Ikea student desk with pull-out keyboard draw in white melamine with pine edging 1030mmx460mmx780mm;

and a tall CD timber bookcase.

See Stephen Gates after Church during morning tea in the hall, or call 0438616555.

St Luke’s Direct Transfer

If you want to ensure regular giving to St Luke’s, but find you never have the right amount in cash, or are sometimes unable to attend on Sundays, then St Luke’s Direct Transfer may work for you.  Please put your name or the word Offering as a reference.


St Luke’s Enmore Bank Account Details

Account Name:          St Luke’s Anglican Church Working Account

BSB: 062-165                        Account Number: 10023547


 Bible Readings for the Week 16th to 22nd October 2017

MONDAY Romans 1.1-7 Psalm 98.1-7 Luke  11.29-31
TUESDAY Romans 1.16-25 Psalm  19.-6 Luke  11.37-41
WEDNESDAY Romans 2.1-11 Psalm  62.1-8 Luke  11.42-46
THURSDAY Romans 3.21-29 Psalm  130 Luke  11.47-54
FRIDAY Romans 4.1-8 Psalm  32.7-12 Luke  12.1-7
SATURDAY Romans 4.13-18 Psalm  1-5.7-11 Luke  12.8-12



Next Sunday: Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost

First Reading: Exodus 33.12-23
Psalm 99
Second Reading: 1 Thessalonians 1.1-10
Gospel: Matthew 22.15-33



Prayers for each day of the week


Stephen Thomas; Karlene Thompson; Christine Thurley & Family.


John Tonetti; Stuart, Jo; Laurence Veitch; Janet Walmsley.


Nadia Wheatley; Mathew, Bronwyn, Sam & Thomas Whiting.


Janet Widmer; Jennie Winton; Sally Woellner; Waew Wongjam.


Kay & Natasha Younie; Amelia Zea; Shirley & Barbara Allen.


Victor Anyarisi; Beth Armstrong; James, Elliot & Harry Barnes.


Ian Barnett; Mathew, Michelle, Darcy, Patrick, Charlotte & Emily Batterham.

Our Prayers for those in immediate need:

Rex (John) Halloway, John Tonetti (recovering after surgery)

, Noel Jeffs, Leanne; Doug Hall, Robert and Lyndall, Barbara Granger, John & Jill Eddy, Rhiannon Henry-Edwards and family, Bob Hogg; Kristy & Rodney; Helen Woellner; Merrin & Elizabeth; Sue Drewett. Ron Flood, Ken Gilmour; Barbara O’Reilly, Cheryl Dahler, and Matthew Winter, Jennifer, Meaghan; Ross Black

We also pray for Felix who is looking urgently for work.


The sick – Long term:


Shirley; Barbara & Jade Allen; Grace & Hannah Ashton; Fatima Begum; Asia Bibi; Hugo Cunningham; Laurie Bestel, Robert Gibbs; Joseph Jeebell; Ann Jeffs; Melissa, John & Baby Gerard;  Jude, Isla, Megan and Alan; Evelyn; Marissa; Linda Jensathit; Barbara MacLulich, John Naidu; Pauline Newell; Peter Purcell; Alex Regos; Joy Ree; Janet Walmsley; Yavani Mu Daly, Victoria, Leigh Garretty, Nii Samuela; Aliesha; Julian; Eve Moggs; John Micallef; Lillian & mother; Jack & family; Caroline Wilson; Dawn Holland, Helen Gronowski (Priest), Bruce Sims, Peter; Margaret Flakeler, Wolf Winter, Paull Garrett, Alex & Libby Jones and Sr Helena.
Recently Departed


Anniversaries of the Departed:

Norman Polgan; Leo Castles; Len Harris; Ella Morey; Vi Watson; Herbert Goldsmith; Alice Bugle; Olga Wall; Walter Pinkerton; Anne Barret

Saints Commemoration:

16th: Hugh Latimer & Nicholas Ridley, bishops and Martyrs (d.1555)
18th: Luke Evangelist and Martyr
!9th: Henry Martyn, missionary and Bible translator in India and Persia (d.1812)

Parish Information                                ABN.78 161 584 893.


Sung Eucharist and Children’s Ministry at 9.30 am followed by hospitality in the hall.  Thai Community meets with Amanda after church and at morning tea.  Enquiries to Amanda Mason 0407 101 382.


Wednesday 9.30 a.m. – Morning Prayer; 10.00 a.m. Eucharist (followed by morning tea)

CONFESSIONS (Sacrament of Reconciliation) HOME COMMUNIONS, BAPTISMS, & MARRIAGES by arrangement.

Parish email:

Rector: Fr Philip: 0431 655 220

Lay Ministers-Part Time:  Lea MacNeal & Amanda Mason
Honorary Lay Minister:  Peter Seymour

OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday, Friday 9.00am to 10.30 a.m. Clergy Associate

Fr John Reimer

Organist:  Kathy Drummond
Occasional Organist: C. Brooks

133 Enmore Rd, Tel: 9550 5713
Hours: Tues‑Wed & Friday 9.30 ‑ 4; Thursday 9.30-3; Sat 9.30 – 2.30, Sunday Monday – Closed.

Hall Administrator:
Stuart Veitch Mb 0400-312-354

Fabian LoSchiavo:  0417670749.

Eddy Reddy:  0410634948
Ruth Champion:  0400166041Parish Council:
Andy Serafin; James Barnes; Evelyn Maack; Angela Bell; Susan Hill; Peter Seymour; Fabian LoSchiavo; Amrit MacIntyre & Tony Purcell.

Synod Representatives
Diana Jefferies & Peter Seymour

Parish Nominators:
Moya Holle; Mandy Tibbey; Susan Hill; Ruth Champion & Stuart Veitch.

Pastoral Care Group
Ruth Champion; John Tonetti, Moya Holle.