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Swing Dancers
The fantastic swing dance couple!


Edi and Brett tripping the light fantastic!
Edi and Brett tripping the light fantastic!

St Lukes Swing Divine Flyer A5 (1)Our SWINGDIVINE dance supper was a marvellous success with enthusiastic dancing to  live music provided by Don Reid and his band!  They were magnificent.  We had a superb supper and Suzanne Campton won the guessing competition, with John Tonetti and Peter Seymour, 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively.   The music was live but not too loud and the breaks in the performance sections gave everyone the chance to eat, drink and talk. We were invited to ask for our favourites from the “good old days” and we did.  We even had a very talented dance couple attend and we were in awe of their polished performances.  It shows when you dance 3 times a weeks – you just have to get better and better!!

It was good to see our “swinging Rector” enjoying  the dance and he graced the floor with Rosemary and others!  The young people all had a wonderful time and even young Elise and Blake Bestel were swinging with the best of us and Andrew Patterson pulled his grandmother onto the floor to have a go!  There’s nothing like live music – dancers and non-dancers loved it all!  We must get this band back again!!!