St Luke's Anglican Church in Enmore a lively, inclusive welcoming liturgical community

World Day Of Prayer — Fri 6th March, at 10.30 am

The coun­try:  Zim­b­ab­we.

The pro­ject:  Aid for moth­ers sup­port­ing fam­ily mem­bers with dis­ab­il­ity.

Ser­vice for your area: St Paul’s Anglic­an Church, 205 Bur­wood Road Rd, Bur­wood NSW 2023.

Theme: “Rise! Take your mat and walk” Remem­ber­ing Jesus’ words to the para­lysed man: “Rise! Take your mat and walk!”

A call to pray for peace and recon­cili­ation in Zim­b­ab­we.

Every­one is wel­come.