St Luke's Anglican Church in Enmore a lively, inclusive welcoming liturgical community


†Home Groups

Some­times called Fel­low­ship Groups or Small Groups, there are sev­er­al groups meet­ing at vari­ous places and at vari­ous times.
If you want to be involved, the par­ish Office on (02) 9557 4219 is a good place to ring.

†The Op Shop

The Oppor­tun­ity Shop Group con­sists of those who sort goods and price them and who staff the shop dur­ing the week. Mem­bers of the Group enjoy work­ing togeth­er and meet­ing the wide vari­ety of people who come to the shop dur­ing busi­ness hours.

As of mid Octo­ber, we have relo­cated to 11 Stan­more Rd, Enmore at St Lukes.

For enquir­ies, please call the Op Shop at 11 Stan­more Rd (oppos­ite the 7/11) or tele­phone (02) 9550 5713 dur­ing busi­ness hours. The Shop is open on Tues­day to Fri­day from 10.00 a.m. to 3 p.m.; and on Sat­urday from 10.00 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.

†Litur­gic­al Assist­ants Group

The Litur­gic­al Assist­ants Group con­sists of those whose min­istry is in the con­text of the Sunday Ser­vice. The mem­bers admin­is­ter com­mu­nion, read the Gos­pel, carry the Pro­ces­sion­al Cross, candles or incense. Andy Ser­afin is the Sac­ristan and may be con­tac­ted via the Office num­ber 9557 4219.

†Clean­ing and Decorating

The people in this group find their min­istry in clean­ing the church and its grounds, and in dec­or­at­ing the church for Sunday ser­vices and oth­er spe­cial occa­sions. They are usu­ally organ­ised on a roster sys­tem which gives every­one an oppor­tun­ity to shine.

For details about this group please call Ruth Cham­pi­on on 0400 166 041.

†Cof­fee and Garden Group — meets on an adhoc arrangement

Notices_Sunday 2nd April — Palm Sunday

NOTICES:   Happy Birth­day to: Stephanie Reddy; Bryson Reddy; Jo Raj; Edwin Reddy; Car­men Reddy; Eliza­beth Flem­ing; Ray Som­mer; Jo Bur­ton; and Les Car­ring­ton.       A very big thank you to the Chiew Fam­ily and Reddy Fam­ily, and all those who volun­teered their time, energy and cook­ing skills to make our Food stall…

Notices_Sunday 26th March_The Annuniciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary

NOTICES:   Wel­come to any vis­it­ors with us today.  Please join us for morn­ing tea.   TODAY: Palm Cross Mak­ing after morn­ing tea.  No exper­i­ence neces­sary.  Instruc­tions and assist­ance provided.  Every­body is invited to come join in this yearly St Luke’s com­munity event.     Next Sunday 2nd April – PALM SUNDAY:  Day­light Sav­ing ends Remem­ber to…

Notices_Sunday 12th March_Third Sunday in Lent

  Con­grat­u­la­tions to all those elec­ted at our Annu­al Gen­er­al Meet­ing last Sunday. The fol­low­ing parish­ion­ers will take up the pos­i­tion of: Church War­dens: Fabi­an LoS­chiavo (Rect­or’ Warden), Susan Hill, and Ruth Cham­pi­on. Par­ish Coun­cil­lors: Andy Ser­afin, Peter Sey­mour, Tony Brown­low, Kath­er­ine Old­field, Tiffany Chiew, and Kathy Drum­mond.  (Note — Fr Jeff is still to name 2 more)…

Notices_Sunday 5th March — Second Sunday in Lent

NOTICES: Wel­come to any vis­it­ors with us today.  Please join us for morn­ing tea.       Happy Birth­day to: Kath­er­ine Old­field; Tony Brown­low; Peter Sey­mour; Selina Hardy; Bianca Reddy; Mar­ilyn Gibbs; Joseph Kumar; Viol­etta Clarke; John MacLu­lich: Nam Clarke; and Elise Bestel.       Today – Par­ish Annu­al Gen­er­al meet­ing will be held in the church after…