St Luke's Anglican Church in Enmore a lively, inclusive welcoming liturgical community


Communion Service at St Luke's is now officiated by Father Jeff Parker
Com­mu­nion Ser­vice at St Luke’s is now offi­ci­ated by Fath­er Jeff Park­er


Annual Epiphany Eucharist & BBQ in the Mountains

Annu­al Epi­phany Euchar­ist & BBQ in the Moun­tains — Sat­urday, 6th Feb­ru­ary 12 noon, approx., for Euchar­ist ser­vice then 1 p.m. for the bar­be­cue. Please note: Because of the pan­dem­ic, the bar­be­cue will have to be handled some­what dif­fer­ently this year: The bar­be­cue is strictly RSVP. Because of social dis­tan­cing require­ments, the num­ber of people…