St Luke's Anglican Church in Enmore a lively, inclusive welcoming liturgical community

John Haly

Baptised and confirmed as an Anglican in Townsville and Toowoomba respectively, John was a former member of the Uniting Church in Rockhampton, a former elder of Swan Road Uniting Church in Brisbane and a student of the Lay ministry training of Trinity College in St Lucia.  John briefly joined the North Shore Anglican church in 1992 when moving to Sydney. He married Martha in 2003 in the Uniting Church in Bellingen in the only recorded wedding service held that year.  Later he joined St Lukes in 2007 after meeting Father Gwilym to coordinate the photography and later filming of the Goth Halloween Communion Service at St Lukes run as part of the Newtown Blue Moon Festival.  His son, Christopher – born in 2008 – was baptised as part of the Goth Service in 2010.  John runs a film and multimedia business in Newtown and commenced development of the St Luke’s new web site at the request of Father Gwilym, although it was completed after Gwilym departed as Minister of St Lukes. Since that time John expanded into Journalism writing on social justice and political subjects for Independent Australia and Australian Independent Media Network.