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Weddings at St Lukes

St Lukes is a beautiful church in which to be married. We are an Anglican Church and to be married at St Lukes you will need to contact the church office on 02 95574219 or via our website.

Because we are an Anglican Church, marriages cannot be conducted by non-Anglican clergy or by secular wedding celebrants at St Lukes. Fr Jeff Parker, our rector, is an experienced priest who has married over 200 couples and will work with you to make sure the ceremony contains a great deal of your input.

Those who come to St Lukes for a wedding will need to undertake some preparation. Preparing for marriage is a lot of fun and a significant investment of a small amount of time before entering into a lifetime relationship.

Couples wanting to be married at the church may come along to a worship service at St Lukes’ to help orientate them before they make their vows before God in this place.

If you want us to conduct your wedding you need to provide to us:

• Birth certificates for both parties (Australian passports are not sufficient for Australian Citizens)
• Overseas passports for foreign citizens.
• Final divorce papers or Death Certificate (for former spouse) if you are looking to be re-married.

Photographers need to obey instructions given by clergy for the marriage ceremony.

COSTS: There is currently an all-inclusive fee of $950 for a wedding at St Lukes. This price covers all paperwork, preparation, flowers and a beautiful handmade wedding candle as a special memento of the ceremony.

Included are the costs of the preparation programme, all wedding paperwork and certificates, the organist if required, fresh flowers, and the assistance of a verger on the day. If you want an official wedding certificate for identification purposes after the ceremony, you will need to obtain this yourself from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

It’s great preparing for marriage, even if you have been together for a long time. We try to be realistic, mature and respectful to all who come for marriage and by your wedding day we are usually good friends.

If you want to find out more about being married in our parish, please call the office: 02 9557 4219, or send an email through the website. Once your mind is made up, you need to pay a deposit of $100 to confirm your booking.