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Children’s Ministry

St. Luke’s Sunday School has been meeting at 9:30am each Sunday. With the increase in numbers of children, we are always interested in new ideas.

This is what we are doing now….

The Nominated Room for lessons is the Emmaus Room. An alternative space is anteroom to the church hall by the St. Damiano Crucifix where the pictures were taken.

The children, under the guidance of Fabian & other volunteers, follow a programme based on the Sunday Readings.

St. Luke’s is a small but growing Sunday School & after graduation many students go on to serve at the altar.

St Luke’s is committed to the best in Children’s Ministry.

Girl Reading at Sunday school
Girl Reading at Sunday school

We subscribe fully to the Diocesan principles of Safe Ministry. Our Safe Ministry Representative is Susan Hill, who has not only been trained in the principles of Child Safety, but is an instructor in the field.

Every person involved in the Children’s Ministry is required to sign a Prohibited Employment Declaration under the Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998.

St Luke’s Children’s Ministry is constantly being improved.

We held a Children’s Ministry Forum in April 2006 and another in June 2007 to decide on the next phase of growth in our ministry to Children and their ministry to us.

We will be replacing the old photographs with new ones as soon as we can. The children have grown up rather a lot since these were taken! Fabian looks much the same!


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