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Sunday 11 August 2019 Notices

Today (11 August): – we have a special guest for our young people – Dennis Clare (Mime Artist) who will entertain us during morning tea.  Please stay and enjoy the fun!

Last week’s Rectory Barbecue was a great time of fellowship and fun.  We plan to make this a regular event.  Watch this space for the next one.

[The Wardens would like to thank Fr Jeff and Michelle for hosting our first parish BBQ with them in the Rectory.  The food, of course, was wonderful and thanks to our cooks Fr Jeff and Oscar and to all who brought delicious salads and desserts.  There will be another occasion before the end of the year and it will be announced as soon as possible.  We will let Fr Jeff enjoy his Father’s Day with his family on 1st Sunday in September!]

Fr Jeff has compiled his ten notes ‘On Prayer’, published in our service sheet over these last ten weeks, into a small booklet which is available at the door and in the hall.  Please take one.

Flowers today are donated by Noel Jeffs.  We congratulate him on celebrating the Anniversary of his Profession (1982), on 9th August.

OpShop news:  As part of our “giving to the needy” we have twice this year now given $500 to St Paul’s Burwood “Pantry”.  Fr James and his congregation are helping people living rough, on NewStart or simply struggling to make ends meet.  He’s also started up a soup kitchen at different times of the week.  We do not seem to get the same call on our resources, so this seems a sensible solution for us to help them purchase goods.  Fr James has responded each time with his most profuse thanks to you all, acknowledging this gift and his wish we pass this message on.

We will endeavour to donate the same amount each quarter while we are in a position to do so.

Sunday 25th August – Bishop Michael Stead’s visit.

Our Play Group for carers of young children is continuing in the hall Mondays 10 a.m. to 12 noon.  Please let others know about this group.

Any notices for the pew sheet will need to be submitted to the parish office email by Wednesday evening at the latest.

Homemade curds, relishes, pickles and jam – If you would like to order some, please email your order to Lea MacNeil ( and it will be delivered to Opshop.

Readings for the coming week and next Sunday:

Monday Numbers 11.4b-15 Psalm 81.10-16 Matthew 14.13-21
Tuesday Numbers 12.1-13 Psalm 51.1-5 Matthew 14.22-36
Wednesday Numbers 13.1-2,25-14.1,26-29 Psalm 106.17-24 Matthew 15.21-28
Thursday Numbers 20.1-13 Psalm 95.1-7 Matthew 16.13-23
Friday Deuteronomy 4.32-40 Psalm 77.11-15 Matthew 16.24-28
Saturday Deuteronomy 6.4-13 Psalm 18.1-7

Matthew 17.14-20

Readings for Next Sunday 18 August – Mary Mother of Our Lord.

First Reading: Isaiah 61.10-62.3        Psalm: 113

Second Reading: Galatians 4.4-7       Gospel: Luke 2. 1-7

Weekly Intercessions for our Community and outreach.

Monday Johnny Nitcharoen & Eed Darunee.

Tuesday: Mathias Oduro; Katherine Oldfield; Julie & Philippa Olston.

Wednesday: Fr. Jeff & Michell Parker; Ann, Rachel Petersen & Wolf.

Thursday: Tony Purcell; Ramendra, Jo, Thomas & Lucy Raj.

Friday: Andrew, Rachel, Belinda, Bianca, Bryson, Eddi, Susan, Stephanie, Edwin, Edwin, Leilani, Carmen & Joyce Reddy.