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Notices — Feast of Transfiguration — Sunday 14th February 2021

NOTICES: The Latest news on Cov­­id-19 for Churches from Bp Michael Stead From Fri­day 12th Feb­ru­ary 2021, Face masks are no longer man­dat­ory in places of wor­ship. Do we need to wear masks while present­ing at church?  NO.  Atten­tion should still be paid to prop­er hygiene when it comes to the shar­ing of micro­phones or lecterns. NO

Notices: Twenty-Fourth Sunday After Pentecost — 15th November 2020

NOTICES This Week:  Sat­urday 21 Novem­ber – Men’s Night Out:  Del­hi-O-Del­hi Indi­an res­taur­ant, 3 Erskinev­ille Road, Erskinev­ille.  Din­ner 5.30 — 7.30 pm. Phone 9557 4455.  Must let Kev­in Green know by Sunday 15th Novem­ber.   Christ­mas Cards now for Sale:  New 2020 stock –- sup­port­ing The Lep­rosy Mis­sion, Australia-$10 per pack of 10.  Please see Stephan Gates at the…

Notices — Mary, Mother of Our Lord — Sunday 16th August, 2020

NOTICES: The flowers today are donated by Maur­een Byers, Eddie, Susan, Edwin, Leil­ani, Stephanie & Car­men Reddy, Dav­id Byers, Josie, Stathis, and Anthony & Pamela Papadi­mitri­ou in lov­ing memory of the late Henry Anthony Robert Byers; our Dad, Fath­er-In-Law, Nan­nu, & Buz Nan­nu, who died on 18 August, 2017. RIP.   Next Week: Con­firm­a­tion Service &

Notices ‑1st Sunday in Lent — 1st March

NOTICES: Happy Birth­day to: Bianca Reddy; Kath­er­ine Old­field; John Tonetti; Tony Brown­low; Joseph Kumar; Viol­etta Clarke; Nam Clarke; & Peter Sey­mour. Today: — Even­ing Pray­er at 6 pm Fol­low­ing our AGM last week, we would like to thank the par­ish for their increased attend­ence and con­grat­u­late the fol­low­ing people who have been elec­ted into office:  Church Wardens:…

Notices — Sunday 23rd February — Feast of the Transfiguration

NOTICES: Today: — Annu­al Gen­er­al Meet­ing after morn­ing tea.  This is the par­ish annu­al meet­ing and all parish­ion­ers should be inter­ested and are invited to attend.  If you can’t attend, please give your name as an apo­logy to any oth­er mem­ber of the con­greg­a­tion who may be attend­ing.  Next Week: Even­ing Pray­er at 6 pm. Tues­day 25th February…