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Notices for Sunday 27 October 2019


Thank you to all who helped in any way in rela­tion to our dear sis­ter Angela Bell’s Funer­al.  It was a day when our par­ish fam­ily worked togeth­er in a won­der­ful and caring way.

St Paul’s Bur­wood Pantry — Nov 2019:  Every quarter we give a dona­tion from the OpShop to St Paul’s pantry to provide for neces­sit­ies that are gen­er­ally not giv­en as dona­tions.  The Par­ish Coun­cil decided that on the first two Sundays of Novem­ber we would ask parish­ion­ers to bring a can or two of food that we as a par­ish could donate to the pantry.  A bas­ket will be placed in the foy­er to receive your dona­tions. Thank you. 

Thanks and Con­grat­u­la­tions to our Syn­od Rep­res­ent­at­ives, Peter Sey­mour and Diana Jef­fer­ies who were so con­scien­tious in attend­ing the long and gruelling ses­sions of Synod. 

Christ­mas cards ($10 per pack) and 2019 Lec­tion­ar­ies ($15 each)now avail­able from the Par­ish Resource Centre.  Please see the Man­ager, Stephan Gates dur­ing Morn­ing tea.

At the last PC meet­ing it was decided that our pre­vi­ously known Book­stall be bet­ter defined as Par­ish Resources Centre, as there are also books and magazines to bor­row.  Items to be pur­chased for sale will be Len­ten or Advent Study Books, lec­tion­ar­ies, Christ­mas Cards, Cal­en­dars and oth­er lit­er­at­ure for both young people and gen­er­al read­ing mater­i­al as determ­ined to be pur­chased by the Rect­or, War­dens or Par­ish Coun­cil in con­sulta­tion with Steph­en Gates our cur­rent Man­ager. Any spe­cif­ic or per­son­al orders should be done online through your pre­ferred option - the Book Depos­it­ory or Amazon. It is only caus­ing unne­ces­sary paper­work for us to order a one-off book and then sell it back to you.  The per­son who man­ages the Par­ish Resources, cur­rently Steph­en Gates, reports dir­ectly to the War­dens and Par­ish Council. 

Sat­urday, 2 Novem­ber 2019 (the church hall) — Cinema Para­diso: “The Song Keep­ers” at 4 for 4.30pm.  In the small churches of remote Cent­ral Aus­tralia, a hid­den 140-year old music­al leg­acy of ancient Abori­gin­al lan­guages, Ger­man sac­red poetry and baroque music is being pre­served by four gen­er­a­tions of song women known as the Cent­ral Aus­trali­an Abori­gin­al Choir.  The choir embarks upon an his­tor­ic tour of Ger­many to take back the hymns that were giv­en to their great-grand­par­ents.  It will be good to dis­cuss the film at inter­val over some wine and cheese. 

Thursday 14th Novem­ber – Next Long Table Din­ner @ 6 for 6.30pm to 9pm.  Note: change of ven­ue to: De Lanna Thai Street Cuisine, 220 Addis­on Road, Mar­rick­ville.  RSVP: by Fri­day, 8 Novem­ber 2019 if you know you can make it, via email to:

Sat­urday 23 Novem­ber — The final Men’s Night Out for 2019: will be held 6 for 6.30 pm at St George Row­ing Club, 1 Levey Street, Wolli Creek.  For more inform­a­tion please con­tact Kev­in Green on Phone: 8065 1657.

Sat­urday 30 Novem­ber — Fr Jeff cel­eb­rates 25 years of priest­hood.  There will be a party at the Rect­ory to which you are warmly invited.   Begins 6.30 p.m.  There will be food and drink, but if you would like to bring some­thing addi­tion­al that would be appreciated.

Please be mind­ful of the Sunday School — The Sunday School struggles some­times to deal with the noise in the Par­ish Hall.  Please be mind­ful if you are in the hall dur­ing wor­ship (not sure why that would be the case) to keep any noisy con­ver­sa­tion to a min­im­um.  The kids and the Sunday School teach­ers will appre­ci­ate that greatly.

The long-term pas­tor­al pray­er list and the sick list - have star­ted again.  If you have placed names on these lists in the past and the per­son is still in need of pray­er then simply place their name on the new list near the bookshop.

Food for our little friends — Don’t for­get to keep your cooked food scraps, fruit peel­ings, tea leaves and cof­fee grounds for the par­ish worm farms.   (No cit­rus dairy or meat).  Meth­ane comes from rot­ting food scraps put into land­fill. Accord­ing to sci­ent­ists meth­ane traps up to 100 times more heat in the atmo­sphere than car­bon diox­ide.  Using worms like this reduces meth­ane pro­duc­tion.  So, our mod­est envir­on­ment­al ini­ti­at­ive is actu­ally very powerful.

Our Play Group – Resumes tomor­row 28th Octo­ber: For carers of young chil­dren is con­tinu­ing in the hall Mondays 10 a.m. to 12 noon.  Please let oth­ers know about this group.

Homemade curds, rel­ishes, pickles and jam - If you would like to order some, please email your order to Lea MacNeil ( and it will be delivered to the OpShop.

Any notices for the ser­vice book­let will need to be sub­mit­ted to the Par­ish Office email by Wed­nes­day even­ing at the latest.

Read­ings for the com­ing week:

Monday Romans 8.12–17 Psalm 68.15–20 Luke 13.10–17
Tues­day Romans 8.18–25 Psalm 126  Luke 13.18–21
Wed­nes­day Romans 8.26–30 Psalm 13  Luke 13.22–30
Thursday Romans 8.31b-39 Psalm109.25–30 Luke 13.31–35
Fri­day Romans 9.1–5 Psalm 147.12–20 Luke 14.1–6
Sat­urday Romans 11.1.2a, 11–12, 25–29 Psalm 94.12–18 Luke 14.17–11

Read­ings for Next Sunday: First Read­ing: Daniel 7.1–3, 15–18; Psalm: 149; Second Read­ing: Eph­esians 1.11–23; and Gos­pel: Luke 6.20–31

Weekly Inter­ces­sions for our Com­munity: Monday: Ramendra, Jo, Thomas & Lucy Raj; and Andrew, Rachel, Belinda, Bianca & Bryson Reddy; Tues­day: Joyce, Eddie, Susan, Stephanie, Edwin, Leil­ani & Car­men Reddy; Wed­nes­day: John Reimer; Mat­ilda Rink­er; Gra­hame Sadler; and Ken Searle; Thursday: Andy Ser­afin & Colin Spokes; Peter Sey­mour; and Som­sak­di Siritham­makij & Richard Hagen; Fri­day: Ray & Laurel Som­mer; Kar­lene Thompson; and Christine Thur­ley & Troy; Sat­urday: We pray for all whose lives and pos­ses­sions are threatened by or have been des­troyed by bush­fires or extreme drought.  That they will be com­for­ted and sus­tained in their time of need. 

Long Term Pas­tor­al Pray­er list: Rose­mary Brad­ford; Shir­ley, Bar­bara & Jade Allen; Beth Arm­strong; Ann Jeffs; Rhi­an­non Henry-Edwards; Marissa; Jude, Isla, Meg & Al Don­nell; Lyn Car­ring­ton; Ruth Cham­pi­on; Gary & Kar­en Stein­er-Hill; Ken­neth Bar­ongo; Pau­line Newell; Bar­bara Beec­roft; Ron­an & Veron­ica Nath; Geoff Wid­mer; Sr Eliza­beth (SSC); Loch­lan Lones­bor­ough; Ann Con­nolly; Mea­ghan Pat­ter­son; Saf­fron Pow­ell; the Per­kins Fam­ily; Fr Peter Carls­son and Dav­id Dunlop. 


1. Why did people bring their babies to Jesus? (15a) Why did the dis­ciples rebuke the par­ents? (15b) What was Jesus response? (16) *What are the good char­ac­ters of chil­dren? Why can one who does not receive the king­dom of God like a child not enter it? (17)

2. What can we know about the man who came to Jesus? (18a) What was his ques­tion? (18b) *Why did he have this deep ques­tion? *Why did he come to Jesus? Why did Jesus teach him about “good”? (19) Which com­mand­ments did Jesus ask him about? (20)

3. How did the rich ruler reply to Jesus? (21) *Did he really keep all these? What was Jesus’ invit­a­tion? (22) *Why did Jesus tell him to sell everything and give to the poor? (22b) How did the young man respond? (23) What was Jesus’ com­ment about the rich young man? (24–25)

4. Why is it so hard for the rich to enter the king­dom of God? (25) What was the dis­ciples’ ques­tion? (26) What was Jesus answer? (27) What was Peter’s response? (28) What does Jesus prom­ise in this age and in the age to come? (29–30)

5. Read verses 29–30. *What is the best invest­ment one can always make? *Why does fol­low­ing Jesus require faith? *Is it really true that Jesus gives us more, even in this world? *Where is my treas­ure? In what or whom do I trust?” *What is one thing you still lack?