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Notices — Second Sunday After Epiphany


Fr Jeff and Michelle will be back on Monday 20th Janu­ary.  Many thanks to Fr John Hawkins and Fr Philip Brad­ford for tak­ing our ser­vices while Fr Jeff has been away.

Today — Food for Sale:  Reddy Fam­ily will be selling packs of Chick­en Curry with rice/pappadums for $7 after church.  All pro­ceeds will go towards the Bush­fire Relief efforts.

Epi­phany in the moun­tains – by Moya Holle:  On Sat­urday 11 Feb­ru­ary 2020, sev­en St Luke’s people trav­elled by train or car to Albert Road, Leura at the invit­a­tion of Lea MacNeil and Don Thomas.  Arriv­ing, they were greeted by a very typ­ic­al moun­tain mist, but a warm wel­come from Lea and Don.  Fr Philip cel­eb­rated an intim­ate and reflect­ive Epi­phany Euchar­ist in their lounge room.  Fol­low­ing that, a truly gour­met lunch – sal­mon (beet mar­in­ated) anti pasta, cheese, four vari­et­ies of salads etc. was served by Lea and bar­be­cued meats etc. by Don.  Then desert – jel­lied ber­ries, 3 kinds of home-made ice cream, and Noel’s espe­cially home baked ‘Epi­phany’ cake.  Then sadly leav­ing the clear moun­tains to return to the smoky plains.  A mem­or­able Epi­phany time.  Thanks Lea and Don.

2020 Opshop Cal­en­dars for Sale - lim­ited num­ber avail­ableat back of church for $2 each.  Please pay Andy Ser­afin.

Children’s Activ­it­ies - Folders with quiet activ­it­ies along with col­our pen­cils, cray­ons and tex­tas are now avail­able in the foy­er and back of the church for the chil­dren dur­ing church — par­tic­u­larly as Sunday School does not resume until Sunday 26th Janu­ary.

Christ­mas cards ($10 per pack — stock up for next year) - are avail­able from the Par­ish Resource Centre.  Please see the Man­ager, Stephan Gates dur­ing Morn­ing tea.

Hos­pit­al­ity volun­teers — Thank you to all our hos­pit­al­ity volun­teer teams who look after us so well each week.  If we could only get three or more oth­er people for anoth­er week­end, our hos­pit­al­ity teams would not feel so burdened.  YOU can do this – no effort needed and all food can be bought and the cost reim­bursed.  Teams often swap due to com­mit­ments as well!  If you are inter­ested, please see Ruth Cham­pi­on.

Food for our little friends — While Fr Jeff and Michelle are away there is no need to bring food scraps for the par­ish worm farms.  Please refrain from bring­ing large amounts of scrap paper as the Rect­ory sup­plies a large quant­ity of this.

Play Group @ Enmore — Will recom­mence on Monday 10th Feb­ru­ary 2020 from 10am to 12 Noon.  For Inform­a­tion phone Ian: Mob 0427 250 390.

Next Long Table din­ner — Thursday 13th Feb­ru­ary:  6 for 6.30pm – 9pm.  Ven­ue to be announced.  Keep the date!

2020 Cinema Para­diso — Sat­urday 22 Feb­ru­ary:  4 pm for 4.30pm in St Luke’s Church Hall.  There will be wine & cheese, and a dis­cus­sion at inter­mis­sion.  The next film will be ‘The Jour­ney’ – In 2006, amidst the ongo­ing, dec­ades-long con­flict in North­ern Ire­land, deeply con­ser­vat­ive Brit­ish loy­al­ist Ian Pais­ley meets Mar­tin McGuiness, former Irish Repub­lic­an Army Lead­er, in an unex­pec­ted jour­ney across the Scot­tish coun­tryside.  This film, made a dec­ade after that meet­ing in the year of Brexit ref­er­en­dum per­haps has renewed poignancy and mean­ing.  Keep the date!

Women’s Read­ing Group — Wed­nes­day 26th Feb­ru­ary:  All women are invited to join our Read­ing Group which meets on the 4th Wed­nes­day of the month at Pau­line Newell’s home 43/1 Coron­a­tion, Ave Peter­sham.  Meet at the front gate by 7.20 pm as this is a secured entrance. A copy of the book­let is avail­able for $4, to cov­er the print­ing.  This set of stud­ies aims to encour­age con­sid­er­a­tion of the vari­ous roles that women have ful­filled with­in God’s gathered com­munity, both his­tor­ic­ally in the OT times and in NT time.  The con­tri­bu­tions that women have made and can make are open for dis­cus­sion. 

Cop­ies are avail­able from the Par­ish Resource Centre for $4.00.

Wordsworth & Maskell Pipe Organ Recit­al — Sunday, 29 March 2020 at 3pm.  From Vienna to Enmore, accom­plished young Aus­trali­an-born organ­ist Dav­id Rec­cia Chynoweth per­forms works by J S Bach, Koehne, Alex­an­dre Guil­mant & oth­ers on the St Luke’s Wordsworth & Maskell Pipe Organ (1883), unique in Aus­tralia, to mark the res­tor­a­tion of the façade pipes.  Keep the date!  

Vivid Har­bour Lights Cruise — June 2020:  Moya and Brett will be arran­ging this par­ish event again this year, likely to be held on the first Thursday even­ing in June.  The cruise com­pany will release the dates, times, prices and depar­ture details in early Feb­ru­ary with num­bers and pay­ment to be final­ised by later in that month.  So, please keep it in mind and watch for announce­ments with more details in Feb­ru­ary.

Homemade curds, rel­ishes, pickles and jam - If you would like to order some, please email your order to Lea MacNeil ( and it will be delivered to the OpShop.

Any notices for the ser­vice book­let will need to be sub­mit­ted to the Par­ish Office email by Wed­nes­day even­ing at the latest.

Read­ings for the com­ing week:

Monday 1 Samuel 15.16–23 Psalm 50.20–24 Mark 2.18–22
Tues­day 1 Samuel 16.1–13 Psalm 89.19–27 Mark 2.23–28
Wed­nes­day 1 Samuel 17.32–51 Psalm 144.3–10 Mark 3.1–6
Thursday 1 Samuel 18.6–9; 19.1–7 Psalm 56.8–12 Mark 3.7–12
Fri­day 1 Samuel 24.3–11 Psalm 57.7–12 Mark 3.13–19
Sat­urday 2 Samuel 1.1–4,11–12,19,23–27 Psalm 80.1–6 Mark3.20–21

Read­ings for Next Sunday – Third Sunday after Epi­phany:  First Read­ing: Isai­ah 9.1–4;  Psalm: 27.1–10;  Second Read­ing: 1 Cor­inthi­ans 1.10–18;  and Gos­pel: Math­ew 4.12–25

Weekly Inter­ces­sions for our Com­munity:  Monday: Som­sak­di Siritham­makij & Richard Hagen; Ray & Laurel Som­mer;  Tues­day: Kar­lene Thompson; Christine Thur­ley & fam­ily; and John Tonetti;  Wed­nes­day: Stu­art Veitch, Jo Bur­ton & Laurence; and Janet Walms­ley;  Thursday: Nadia Wheat­ley; Janet Wid­mer & Cliff; Sally Woell­ner; and Kay & Nata­sha Younie;  Fri­day: Shir­ley, Bar­bara & Jade Allen; and Beth Arm­strong;  and Sat­urday: We pray for all whose lives and live­li­hoods are threatened by or have been des­troyed by bush­fire.  That they will be com­for­ted, sup­por­ted and sus­tained in their time of need. We also pray for all those help­ing to fight these fires that they may be kept safe and receive the resources that they need.

Long Term Pas­tor­al Pray­er list: Rose­mary Brad­ford; Shir­ley, Bar­bara & Jade Allen; Beth Arm­strong; Ann Jeffs; Rhi­an­non Henry-Edwards; Marissa; Jude, Isla, Meg & Al Don­nell; Lyn Car­ring­ton; Ruth Cham­pi­on; Gary & Kar­en Stein­er-Hill; Ken­neth Bar­ongo; Pau­line Newell; Bar­bara Beec­roft; Ron­an & Veron­ica Nath; Sr Eliza­beth (SSC); Loch­lan Lones­bor­ough; Ann Con­nolly; Saf­fron Pow­ell; the Per­kins Fam­ily; Fr Peter Carls­son; Day­alan Sam­inath­an; Grace & Han­nah Ashton; Vic­tor Any­ar­isi; and Baby Anaisha, & her par­ents Anu & Digvi­jay; and Robert & Lyn­dall.

Dis­cus­sion Ques­tions for Epi­phany 2

1. Have you ever felt your wit­ness to God has been in vain? If so, how are Isaiah’s words com­fort­ing? (Isa 49:4)

2. To sanc­ti­fy means “to make holy” or “to set apart.” How can you tell you have been sanc­ti­fied? (1 Cor 1:2)

3. What assur­ance would you demand before fol­low­ing someone? Would you have left all to fol­low Jesus? (John 1:37)

This week’s Reflect & Con­nect ques­tions writ­ten by Beth Ann Gaede.