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Notices_Sunday 1st May_Third Sunday of Easter



Happy Birth­day to: Alex­an­der Chiew; Richard Hagen; Fr Philip Brad­ford; Michelle Park­er; Susan Reddy; Louisa Sil­ver­man; and Shir­ley Allen.



Tonight: 5pm Even­ing Service



ABM East­er Appeal 2022

Envel­opes and Digit­al dona­tions cards are avail­able in church foyer.

Or you can donate online at



Unfin­ished Busi­ness: Cel­eb­rat­ing Anglic­an Women’s Min­istry in Australia

A nation­al con­fer­ence to be held at Christ Church St Laurence, 812 George Street, Sydney, 16–18 Septem­ber 2022

Fur­ther details, includ­ing the con­fer­ence pro­gram and regis­tra­tion details, will be provided in due course.




The Par­ish Hall has been let to the Aus­trali­an Elect­or­al Com­mis­sion for pre-polling for the Fed­er­al Elec­tion on Sat­urday 21st May.

As a res­ult, the Hall will not be avail­able for any oth­er use from Wed­nes­day 4th May to Monday 23rd May.  This includes pre­par­a­tion and pack up time.

Pre-polling will take place dur­ing these times:

Monday 9th May to Fri­day 13th May: 8.30am–5.30pm
Sat­urday 14th May: 9.00am–4.00pm
Monday 16th May to Thursday 19th May: 8.30am–5.30pm
Fri­day 20th May: 8.30am–6.00pm

  • Altern­at­ive arrange­ments will be made for morn­ing teas on Wed­nes­day and Sunday mornings.
  • Parish­ion­ers who vis­it the church dur­ing the week or attend the 10.30am Wed­nes­day ser­vice should take care to avoid con­front­a­tion with any poll work­ers or polit­ic­al volunteers.
  • This event is an import­ant source of funds for the par­ish, and it is in all of our interests to make sure that it runs smoothly.

Fr Jeff



Thanks to Andrew Reddy and his team for their timely response to our call for elec­tric­al work to be done last week.  Much appre­ci­ated by the Rect­or and Wardens.


A monthly heal­ing ser­vice is being planned for Sunday even­ings.  This fol­lows the attend­ance of a small group at the St Andrews Cathed­ral heal­ing ser­vice this week as part of our research and inform­a­tion gath­er­ing.  Any com­ments – speak to Fr Jeff or Peter Seymour.



ST PAUL’S PANTRY needs food, health and clean­ing items: A bas­ket is in the church foy­er for donations.


Food for our worms –Please leave your worm food gifts at church on Sundays or drop off dur­ing the week.  (NB — no dairy, cit­rus or meat)  Fr. Jeff


Lea MacNeil has jam, con­serves, pickles and vari­ous sauces to sell; please email her at to order them from her.   All pro­ceeds go to St Luke’s Parish.



Weekly Inter­ces­sions for our Com­munity:

Sunday: Susan Hill, Janet Broady & Alex; Moya Holle; Nic­ola & James Howard; and Pamela Jaksic.

Monday: Joseph, Esth­er, Joyti, Joshlyn, Deepika & Deep­shi­ka Kumar.

Tues­day: Geoff Lind­say & Mandy Tib­bey; and Fabi­an LoSchiavo.

Wed­nes­day: Lea McNeil & Don­ald Thomas; and Evelyn Maack.

Thursday: Jen­nifer McGov­ern; John M.; Jo Middleton; and Ron­ald Naidu.

Fri­day: We pray for Fr John Bunyan’s pas­tor­al care min­istry at Bank­stown Hos­pit­al and all those he min­is­ters to.

Sat­urday: Dear lov­ing Fath­er, please deliv­er us from the coronavir­us and lim­it its impact on Aus­tralia and the world. In your mercy bring a swift end to this crisis.  Please pro­tect with your lov­ing care those we love — our fam­il­ies, friends and neigh­bours.  Let your fath­erly hand guide, shel­ter and strengthen them.  Cast out all anxious fears and doubts.  Give us an increas­ing trust in you and fill our hearts and minds with your peace.  We pray for those around the world now strug­gling with vari­ous COVID stains.  Heal and com­fort those who are sick and suf­fer­ing.  Pro­tect and guide the health pro­fes­sion­als who are at the front line.  Please give wis­dom and cour­age to those who bear respons­ib­il­ity for con­front­ing this chal­lenge. We ask these things through the power­ful name of Jesus.  Amen.



Pray­ers for the sickTony Brown­low; Julie Olston: Michelle Sowerby and fam­ily; Paul; Kar­lene Thompson; Julie Ankers; John Bowen; John Per­kins; Florence Shel­lard; Aman­da Romeo; Andy Ser­afin; Maryrose Crowth­er; Ruth Dodd; Robert & Lyn­dall Dubler; Joanne Kenny; and The Pso­mas Family.


Anniversar­ies of the Depar­ted: Albert Allen; Ada Har­ris; and Myrtle Blatch.


Saints Com­mem­or­a­tion: 2nd: Anthanas­i­us, Bish­op of Alex­an­dria, teach­er (d. 373); 3rd: Philip & James, Apostles and Mar­tyrs; and 6th: John, Apostle and Martyr.


Long Term Pas­tor­al Pray­er list: John Hardy; Pau­line Newell; Beth Arm­strong; Lyn Car­ring­ton; John Dick­son; Steph­en Thur­ley; Shir­ley, Bar­bara & Jade Allen; Rhi­an­non Henry-Edwards; Marissa; Jude, Isla, Meg & Al Don­nell; Grace & Han­nah Ashton; Kuwert; Rev Laurie MacIntyre; Kiki Chun; Raul of Radio Skidrow and his fam­ily; Andrew Strat­golda; Loch­lan Lones­bor­ough; and Noel Jeffs.



Read­ings for Next Sunday: Fourth Sunday of Easter

First Read­ing: Acts 9.36–43                                Psalm: 23

Second Read­ing: Rev­el­a­tion 7.9–17                    Gos­pel: John 10.22–30