St Luke's Anglican Church in Enmore a lively, inclusive welcoming liturgical community

Notices_Sunday 2nd June — 2nd Sunday after Pentecost



Happy Birth­day to: Andy Ser­afin; Ruth Cham­pi­on; Rachel Reddy; Julie Olston; Katie Wil­li­ams; Don­ald Thomas; Leil­ani Reddy; Anthea Nath; Johnny Nitchar­oen; and Thomas Raj.



TONIGHT: 5pm Spir­it of Taizé service.



New Offer­tory Envel­opes sets for July 2024 onwards are now avail­able in the church foyer.



The war­dens and par­ish coun­cil are still seek­ing a Vol­un­tary Hall Hire Admin­is­trat­or.  This needs to be someone fairly loc­al with a vehicle.  If you would like fur­ther inform­a­tion or to volun­teer for this pos­i­tion, please speak to one of the war­dens or to Stu­art Veitch.



7.30 pm — Tues­day Night Bible Study at Fr Philip’s home, 5 Lin­coln St Stan­more. All wel­come.  The study for this term is The Acts of the Apostles. Please bring a bible.




Sunday 16th June — SUNDAY MORNING at 9.30 a.m.

Option­al heal­ing pray­ers will be avail­able for all who have that need in their life.  The form used will be the heal­ing ser­vice in APBA adap­ted for Sunday use.



Sat­urday 6th July at 4.30 p.m.– Christ­mas High Tea in July!   A Par­ish night for all your fam­ily and friends to enjoy.  $15 dona­tion towards high tea costs would be appre­ci­ated.  More fun details to follow.



The Christ­mas Mar­ket Com­mit­tee met last Sunday and are work­ing through some new ideas to involve more peoples and also the best ways to mar­ket the event.  We thank all those who are involved with the pro­ject and the com­mit­tee will meet next month on 24 June after church and morn­ing tea.



Sunday 14th July at 6.30pm — Oxford Move­ment Even­song:   The Par­ish of Christ Church St Laurence (812 George St, Hay­mar­ket) extends an invit­a­tion to Fest­iv­al Even­song, Pro­ces­sion and Bene­dic­tion. This ser­vice will com­mem­or­ate Oxford Move­ment Sunday, giv­ing thanks for the litur­gic­al tra­di­tion with­in Anglic­an­ism. The ser­vice will be fol­lowed by light refresh­ments. No RSVP required. All welcome.



ST PAUL’S PANTRY needs food, health and clean­ing items: A bas­ket is in the church foy­er for donations.



Lea MacNeil has jam, con­serves, pickles and vari­ous sauces to sell; please email her at to order them from her.  All pro­ceeds go to St Luke’s Parish.



Food for our worms – Leave your worm food gifts at church on Sundays or drop off dur­ing the week.  Please remem­ber to remove the strings from your teabags.  (N.B. — no dairy, cit­rus, onions or meat).



Weekly Inter­ces­sions for our Com­munity: Sunday: Brett Dav­ies & Amrit MacIntyre; Edi & Oscar Dav­is; Susan Deas; Kathy Drum­mond; and Dav­id Dunlop.

Monday: Michael, Eliza­beth, Tom, Ella & Nick Flem­ing; and Mar­ilyn Gibbs.

Tues­day: Steph­en Gates & Andrew; Kev­in Green; and Joyce Grant.

Wed­nes­day: Peter Gil­bert & Fred Narnola; Stu­art Grigg & ‘Tri­cia Blombery.

Thursday: Richard Hagan & Som; Selina & John Hardy; and Robert Head.

Fri­day: We pray for pas­tor­al care min­istry teams at all Hos­pit­als and all those who are min­istered to.

Sat­urday: Almighty God, we pray for those in areas of con­flict.  We pray for heal­ing and good med­ic­al care for those who have been injured.  For those who have lost homes and pos­ses­sions, please meet their daily needs for food, clean water and shel­ter and com­fort those who mourn the loss of loved ones.  And bless all who are help­ing those impacted.  Amen.



Pray­ers for the sick: Chand Raju; Joyce Grant; Michelle Park­er; Louisa Sil­ver­man; John Bowen (Priest); Alex Regos; Christine Kon­draten­ko; Ruth Dodd; Helen Woell­ner; Douglas Sey­mour; Dav­id Brad­ford; Douglas John­ston; Susie Brooks; Sarah & Mari­on; Laurie Bestel; Robert Gibbs; Peter von Wran­gell; Mal­colm Hughes; Delia Bone; Judith Beveridge; Michael Aiken; and (Dr) Tre­vor Smith.



Anniversar­ies of the Depar­ted: Edward Reddy; Stu­art Ogg; Wil­li­am Fish­er; Edward McNamara; Prandji Tisna; Barry McK­el­lar; Ivan Ross; John Lord; Oswald Fer­guson; Aman­da Juer­gens; Emil Juer­gens; Bp John McIntyre; Keith Stafford; and Ruth Humphrig.



Saints Com­mem­or­a­tion:  3rd: Mar­tyrs of Uganda (d. 1886); John XXIII, Bish­op of Rome, reformer (d. 1963); & Janai Luwum, Arch­bish­op of Uganda, mar­tyr (d. 1977); and 5th: Bon­iface of Mainz, Bish­op and mar­tyr (d. 754).


Long Term Pas­tor­al Pray­er list: John Bunyan (Priest); Mar­garet Chiew; Ger­ald Grant; Bar­bara Ray­mond; Janet Walms­ley; Simone Crowth­er; Robert & Lyn­dall Dubler; Andy Ser­afin; Florence Shel­lard; Ray Som­mer; John Hardy; Lyn Car­ring­ton; Bar­bara Allen; Marissa & Meg Maack, Jude, Isla, & Al Don­nell; Ann Jeffs; Noel Jeffs.



Read­ings for Next Sunday – Third Sunday After Pentecost

First Read­ing: 1 Samuel 8.4–11, 16–20; 11.14–15             Psalm: 138

Second Read­ing: 2 Cor­inthi­ans 4.13–5.1                          Gos­pel: Mark 3.20–35