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General News from the Parish

Bookstall News

The 50% off stocktake sale continues on selected titles. New books in stock – Simply Jesus by Tom Wright; St Paul, the misunderstood Apostle by Karen Armstrong; A Man Called Johnny Mac, edited by Muriel Porter; A New Exile: The future of Anglicanism by Muriel Porter.

AGM 28/2/2016

A very successful AGM was held last Sunday with 34 persons signing the Declaration of Attendance. Fr Philip announced that he had appointed Mrs. Jennie Winton as his Warden; Eddie Reddy and Ruth Champion were re-elected as People’s Wardens. Fabian LoSchiavo declined to continue as Warden due to family commitments this year; however Fr Philip…

St James Institute Program 2016

St James’ Institute 2016 program is now available (print and online) in the January to July At a Glance There is a separate registration form to download (no online registration) Elizabeth Farrelly and Michael Jensen In Conversation on Wednesday 3 February, 6:30pm to 8:00pm. The beginning point for their discussion poses the question…