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Notices — St Luke’s Patronal Festival — 24th October 2021


The flowers in the church today have been donated by Ron­ald Naidu and fam­ily in lov­ing memory Ram Chandar (Ronald’s Grandfather).

Ron­ald and his fam­ily will also be provid­ing Chick­en Pulao and drinks for Parish­ion­ers and vis­it­ors dur­ing our St Luke’s Lunch.


Today: St Luke’s Patron­al Festival 

‘Bring Your Own’ lunch in the car Park, fol­low­ing the ser­vice and morn­ing tea.  Cold drinks will be avail­able. Please join us.


Thank you

Dear St Luke’s parish,

Thank you so much for such a beau­ti­ful ser­vice yes­ter­day and thought­ful gift for Kev­in and I which has pride of place on our din­ing table and will soon be enjoyed over a din­ner.  It was so good to be back!

Tiffany and Kev­in Chiew


Garden­ing Volun­teers required:

Fath­er Jeff has pro­posed that a garden­ing group be formed to main­tain the garden areas in the par­ish.  Any­one wish­ing to par­ti­cip­ate or requir­ing fur­ther inform­a­tion should con­tact Andy Ser­afin on Mob: 0400 471 826.


Annu­al Gen­er­al Meet­ing of Anglic­ans Togeth­er – via Zoom:

Thursday 4th Novem­ber 2021 at 7pm

Fin­an­cial Mem­bers who wish to attend should email the Sec­ret­ary:

The link for the meet­ing will be emailed to you in due course.  Only Fin­an­cial mem­bers may vote and stand for elec­tion to the committee.


ST PAUL’S PANTRY des­per­ately needs the fol­low­ing items:

A bas­ket will be placed in the church foy­er for food, health and clean­ing dona­tions.  Please give generously.


Noel Jeffs has released a new book called “Matur­ing in the Reli­gious Life” avail­able from Mosh­Shop – link below:


The poetry board in the hall has been updated by Louisa S. with the work of Dav­id Mus­grave. Please take a look.



Lea MacNeil has jam, con­serves, pickles and vari­ous sauces to sell; please email her at to order them from her.  All pro­ceeds go to St Luke’s Parish.


Food for our worms – Now that we are back at Church please remem­ber our little friends and that their work ON YOUR VEGIE SCRAPS helps reduce green­house gasses (meth­ane).  If you bring a con­tain­er I am happy to place worm cast­ings for your garden in it for the next week.  Please leave your worm food gifts at church on Sundays or drop off dur­ing the week.  The par­ish worms are so plen­ti­ful at the moment that I can sup­ply start up live­stock if you have begun a worm farm.  But I do need them to going to a good home. (NB — no dairy, cit­rus or meat)  Fr. Jeff


Pray­ers for the sick: Wolf Winter; Aman­da Romeo; Maryrose Crowth­er; Tosia Crib­ben; Angus; Fr Gary Priest; John Bowen; Robert & Lyn­dall Dubler; Colin Spokes; John Can Pahali; Alex Regos; Aman­da Cow­ley; Peter Knox; Br Wil­li­am; Maurice Pope & his fam­ily; Raul (Skid Row Radio) & fam­ily; Barry McKay; Ruth Dodd; Deepika & Deep­shi­ka; Andrew Strat­golda; and Phil­lip Hall.


Anniversar­ies of the Depar­ted: Ram Chandar; Dorothy McCabe; Jack Kimp­ton; Charles Aus­tine; Patri­cia Deck­er; Evan Kettlye; Frank Dahl; Mil­li­cent Elli­ott; Mal­colm Chin; Wil­li­am Bul­lock; and Helen Jones.


Saints Com­mem­or­a­tion: 28th: Simon and Jude, Apostles and Martyrs.


Long Term Pas­tor­al Pray­er list: Robyn Old­field; Isa­belle Djor­gjevic: Lyn Car­ring­ton; Steph­en Thur­ley; John Dick­son; John Hardy; Shir­ley, Bar­bara & Jade Allen; Br Noel Jeffs (SSF); Kiki Chun; Beth Arm­strong; Ann Jeffs; Rhi­an­non Henry-Edwards; Marissa; Jude, Isla, Meg & Al Don­nell; Suz­anne Camp­ton; Pau­line Newell; Ann Con­nolly; Day­alan Sam­inath­an; Kuwert; Grace & Han­nah Ashton; Anaisha, & her par­ents Anu & Digvi­jay; Rev Laurie McIntyre; and Loch­lan Lonesborough.


Weekly Inter­ces­sions for our Com­munity:

Sunday: Louisa Sil­ver­man; Ray & Laurel Som­mer; Raboom & Nol Takham; Kar­lene Thompson; and Christine Thur­ley, Troy & Family.

Monday: Stu­art Veitch, Jo Bur­ton & Laurence; and Nadia Wheatley.

Tues­day: Janet Walms­ley; Janet Wid­mer & Cliff; and Sally Woellner.

Wed­nes­day: Kay Younie, Nata­sha & Timothy; and Vic­tor Anyarisi.

Thursday: Shir­ley Allen, Bar­bara & Jade; Beth Arm­strong; and Ian Barnett.

Fri­day: We pray for Fr John Bunyan’s pas­tor­al care min­istry at Bank­stown Hos­pit­al and all those he min­is­ters to.

Sat­urday: Dear lov­ing Fath­er, please deliv­er us from the coronavir­us and lim­it its impact on Aus­tralia and the world. In your mercy bring a swift end to this crisis.  Please pro­tect with your lov­ing care those we love — our fam­il­ies, friends and neigh­bours.  Let your fath­erly hand guide, shel­ter and strengthen them.  Cast out all anxious fears and doubts.  Give us an increas­ing trust in you and fill our hearts and minds with your peace.  We pray for those around the world now strug­gling with COVID-19.  Heal and com­fort those who are sick and suf­fer­ing.  Pro­tect and guide the health pro­fes­sion­als who are at the front line.  Please give wis­dom and cour­age to those who bear respons­ib­il­ity for con­front­ing this chal­lenge. We ask these things through the power­ful name of Jesus.  Amen.



Read­ings for the com­ing week: Even­ing Pray­er                                                                                                                                                            

Sun Sir­ach 38.1–14 Ps 22.23–32 Colos­si­ans 4.7–18
Mon Job 42 Ps 136 2 Peter 1.1–11
Tues Esther1.1–12 Ps 139 2 Peter 1.12–21
Wed Esth­er 1.13–2.4 Pss 141; 142 2 Peter 2.1–11
Thurs 1 Mac­ca­bees 2.42–66 Ps 116 John 14.15–26
Fri Esth­er 3 Ps 147 2 Peter 3.3–10
Sat Esth­er 4 Pss 144; 150 2 Peter 3.11–18


Read­ings for Next Sunday — Twenty-Third Sunday After Pente­cost:  First Read­ing: Ruth 1.1–18;  Psalm: 146;  Second Read­ing: Hebrews 9.11–15;  and Gos­pel: Mark 12.13–17, 28–34